Friday, January 9, 2015

10 Reasons You Are A Crazy Cat Lady

Since moving to California and living completely on my own, my friends and family have hit me full force with the joke of me becoming the "Crazy Cat Lady" that apparently I was always destined to be. Hey, I'm actually kind of ok with it.

This is the first time I've been completely on my own, no roommates, hardly any friends (besides those I work with), and a lot, A LOT of alone time. Naturally, I needed a companion.

After several months of being a fur-mommy to Luna Lovegood, I decided I needed to get her a playmate for those late nights I'm gone at work. In comes Neville Longbottom and home girl is one cat away from literally donning the name.. Crazy Cat Lady.

Here are 10 reasons I've come to realize about my life that prove my friends and family might know what they're talking about..

1. You refer to them as your babies.
They are literally like your children.

2. You talk to them, and they talk back.
Seriously, they totally understand what you're saying.

3. Your selfies are not just of you anymore.
Kitty and me just hanging out today.

Luna Lovegood and me

4. People have stopped watching your SnapChat stories.
Oh look, another video of the cat cleaning herself.

5. No need for a drink with friends after work, you have wine at home.
No thanks, I have a date with my furchild.

6. Your parents start asking when you will give them grand-babies.
Mom, you already have two. They are sweet, cuddly, and just a little furrier than most.

7. "Poop-scooping" is part of your daily routine.
No explanation needed.

8. You don't understand "dog people" and how they don't like cats.
Seriously, dogs are SO high maintenance.

9. There is no "me" time anymore. Wherever you go, they go.
Oh hey, just sitting on the toilet. Thanks for staring at me to make sure everything is going alright.

10. Everyone already refers to you as the crazy cat lady.

One thing is for certain, I absolutely love my babies!

Are you a cat lover?
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Monday, January 5, 2015


It's 2015! I could not be more ready for this new year, so many possibilities ahead.

If you've been around here at all, you know I am working towards my personal training and sports nutrition certification. Fitness has become my passion within the last several years and I want nothing more than to help others attain healthy lifestyles and feel their best.

Monday is the beginning of a new week, when a lot of people like to start their "change". It's easy to dedicate Monday as the first day for a new habit, and that is what changing your lifestyle is about, developing new, but good habits. Naturally, I've decided to dedicate my Mondays to bringing motivation and inspiration. Whether it be recipes, work out tips, gear, you name it. If there is anything you'd like me to include please don't hesitate to contact me!

The problem with a lot of people wanting to change things about themselves, is they tend to look for the easiest, fastest route. Making a lifestyle change takes time and dedication. Results don't happen over night, and that is with several aspects of life. Obesity has become a major health issue in our country and it only makes our lives shorter, so why not make a change if not for you, for your loved ones, so they can keep you around that much longer.

Soon I will be able to deliver knowledgeable information on diet and work out plans for any woman. You know what they say, a healthy lifestyle is 30% fitness, 70% diet.

The definition of Winter is not to "put on your winter coat" by indulging in the traditional, heavy dishes usually served throughout the holidays. There are plenty of foods available year round that suffice in nutrition to satisfy your cold insides. The pin above is simply a list of specific foods and what they're good for, check it out!

Now, I have yet to receive an outfit from Fabletics, but I've heard nothing but good things about this brand. Kate Hudson started it for one, and I mean, just look at her. Basically it's very similar to BirchBox, Julep, ShoeDazzle, etc. You take a style quiz to determine which products are the best for your specific style and the goodies get shipped to you once a month for a small fee. I'll be starting it out this month, so I'll keep you updated on how I like the products.

It's a brand new year, which means it's the perfect time to transition into a brand new you by changing your lifestyle for the better. Join me every Monday for #MotivationMonday!

How do you stay fit and healthy?
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Saturday Style: CFP Championship Game: Ohio State vs Oregon

If you've been around here before, you know how I love my college football. This year was no different, especially with my Hogs finishing strong (TEXAS BOWL CHAMPS BABY! #wps). College football seems to always keep you on your toes, and the bowl series has gotten even better with adding the playoff games for the national championship. Boy, were there some surprises on Thursday..

I definitely thought it was going to come down to at least having Alabama in the mix, but low and behold, Ohio State (yuck! :P) decided to show up and not allow the SEC to vie for the championship. Oregon knocked out the undefeated FSU to clinch their spot for the title. This is going to be a pretty good game, I believe.

I'm pretty excited about putting together outfits for this game, the colors are so different from each other. I put together a couple different styles as always, showcasing what I would wear if I were to attend the game as a fan for either team. What do you think?

The first set I put together is a good mix between casual and dressy. I stuck with sweater dresses and boots since it is still winter.

The second set I put together is more casual, laid back style. I love a good long plaid shirt with leggings (I don't care what y'all think!!).

Are you watching the CFP National Championship game?
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The way I want 2015 to go

Alright, we all know how this usually goes. We make resolutions with the honest intentions of following through and then.. BAM life happens. What do I say? Not this year, life. A new year is always a great time to start a-new and make goals for the next 365 days to come. It's unfortunate that more times than none these resolutions get pushed aside and are usually never looked at again.

I fully believe the resolutions I made this year are completely attainable. No excuses this time.

1. Finish my ISSA certification.
This should be an easy one. I've been saying for so long how I want to be a personal trainer and sports nutritionist for women. I have all the materials I need now, it's time to make it happen. This also leads me to my next one...

2. Get back to my healthy lifestyle.
I know, I know.. Most peoples' resolutions include some sort of diet and workout plan. Notice I didn't use the word 'diet' in mine, but instead, 'lifestyle'. With moving to a new area, trying to meet new people, and getting used to a new lifestyle, I have ventured away from the once healthy and happy lifestyle I lived. Now that I will have a place all to my own (minus Neville and Luna :P) I will have nothing standing in my way.

3. Drink more water.
This may sound silly, but I actually have to make a conscience effort to drink water throughout the day. I'm always drawn to coffee or tea (it could be a lot worse!) and know that water has so many benefits when the proper amount is consumed.

4. Money management.
Now that I have seen the "slow season" of the industry/area I work in, I know that saving money when I make is an absolute must. This area is super expensive and I can only survive by managing my finances properly.

5. Communicate with friends/family more often.
We all have our busy lives to live and not being in the same time zone surely makes things difficult, but hearing from the people I love most is what helps to keep me grounded. Whether it be Skype, phone, or a simple text, it just needs to happen more often.

6. Face-lift for the blog.
I've reiterated on this so much, it doesn't even need an explanation.

7. Get a car and venture.
I moved back to the mainland to do just that, venture. I longed for the freedom to be able to go when and where I wanted to. Come onnnnn tax return!

8. Cross more items off my bucket list.
I've managed to cross off a handful of items already, but I'm itching to follow through on several more items from my bucket list.

9. Not take things so personal.
I need to stop sweating the small stuff. Enough. Said.

10. Love the life I've been given.
We only get one life, so why not love the one we've been given. 2015 will be my growing year. My growing year for myself. It will be the year where I will find the power to change what I can, but also find the strength to accept what I cannot. It will be the year that only my thoughts, actions, and beliefs will define who I am.

I got a kick out of this article I came across on Facebook. I totally agree with all 49. :)

What are some of your resolutions?
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Monday, December 29, 2014


Tis the season for giving, on a budget.

If you're anything like me, you like steals deals. I am always on a budget, especially during the holidays, and when online shopping I instantly look for the sites with the best prices. Invaluable is an online auction marketplace featuring goods from jewelry, art, and antiques all the way to entire estates. I've been given the opportunity to team up with this site by styling a Rolex watch straight from their women's watch page. With such a huge variety of styles, it was tough choosing only one to pair an outfit with. I decided to put together two "winter-y" looks that I would rock while wearing this beauty on my wrist.

Here's what I came up with... Rolex Watch

The first look I featured is a more casual but classy style. Dressing up the sweater and boyfriend jeans with sexy heels and of course, the beautiful gold Rolex, this look is perfect for lunch or happy hour with the girls.

The second look I put together is what I like to think of as "comfy chic". The sweater dress paired with over the knee knit socks and boots is the perfect amount of dressy but comfortable to match the timeless gold Rolex.

Next time you're in for a stylish watch, I'd highly recommend Invaluable.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I know, I know.. How can I take a hiatus when I'm not even that active still in the blogging world.

Things just haven't gone the way I planned them so I'm having to improvise for now. I titled this 'Hiatus' because I'm not coming back to blogging until I can really focus and put forth as much effort as I once did. By then, I plan to have a brand new look, name, and feel to my little home on the web.

I finally am enrolled for my personal training certification. I'm going to try and get it done as soon as possible so I can finally start on the career path I have been dreaming about. My blog will more than likely turn mostly into fitness (but don't worry, I'll still put in some fun stuff too). Hoping I can somehow manage to get my hands on a computer, for myself, sometime in the near future, that'll make this job a hell of a lot easier.

Taken from my Instagram

For now, I will continue to read up on my faves, but unfortunately I won't be posting for at least another month or so. If anyone wants to help a sister out on a blog design, that would be awesome! If not, I'm sure I can figure something out :)

One more thing, I am officially retiring the name OneHaoleGirl. I am no longer a haole living in beautiful Hawaii, so it only makes sense. I will now switch all my social networks to taroleannnnn.

Happy Holidays blogland, I sure have missed you. I'll be back soon, promise!

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloweeeen! And one of my favorite holidays! What do you have planned?

I wanted to give some insight on my costume this year, but I haven't taken the pictures and it's just too complicated trying to use someone else's computer to do exactly everything I want/need. So I will be talking about years past and this year.


I usually have to work Halloween and this year was nothing different. The bar I worked at wanted to do a "punk rock" theme but I thought that was boring, so naturally I spruced mine up a little bit and went as a...

Zombie Punk


This year I basically got two Halloweens. The bar I worked at was closing and our last day open was the Saturday before Halloween. Since it was a Mexican restaurant/Tequila bar, it only made sense for all of us to dress up and play the part. It was a huge success..

Day of the Dead

Which meant I was unemployed for the real Halloween later that week. The boys (I lived with at the time) and I decided to throw it back all the way to the 90s...

The Doug Crew


This year it seems like I have two Halloweens again. Back in April (while still living in Hawaii) the restaurant/bar I worked at decided to throw a "Halfway to Halloween" party. I waited last minute to figure something out, but came up with...


**Disclaimer: All photos above came from my Instagram. Please do not copy, crop, or use as your own.**

I have to work tonight, like usual for Halloween, so I chose something that is going to be easy to walk around in and hopefully make me some good money :)

I plan on going as Luna. I will wear her collar and everything. I know it's a lot more simple compared to years past but I think it will still be fun.

I wanted to do extravagant makeup to really pull the look together, but I don't see that happening this year. Here are some of my favorite looks from Pinterest...

Which do you like best? Linking up with Helene and Taylor again for #blogtober14

Have big plans for Halloween?

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