Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Series 2014: Giants vs Royals

It's that time of year again, the World Series!

This year is super exciting for me because the Kansas City Royals are finally back in after over 25 years of no show. It's also not so super exciting for me because I basically live in the Bay Area (almost) now and am amongst a sea of Giants fans.

Unfortunately I'll be working during game one, and I can only imagine how busy it is going to be. It's so fun to be back on the mainland for all these sports that I haven't really paid any attention to these last 4 years.

Who are you rooting for?

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Alright blogger ladies (and gentlemen?) I'm in need of your help.

Roommate's computer has not been around much but now I have other ways to get online so I'll hopefully be back into the buzz like normal.

First things first..

I am desperately needing a new brand. Onehaolegirl just doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore and I'm having trouble on coming up with something new. Obviously I will be getting into a career of fitness eventually. Should I jump start that now? Take a path more on that journey already? I'm not so sure...

Should I stay lifestyle? I definitely want to incorporate Saturday Style again. Should I come up with something that is simple to just being me?

This is harder than I thought it would be... I didn't imagine needing to change my brand/look/vibe. If you are creative, please help me!


I am needing a new design.. I just don't have the time or computer access to come up with my own again like this current look. Please let me know if you design or know of anyone with decent prices.

Thanks in advance for all the help I can get!

Like I said, I'm bringing back Saturday Style! Submit your requests here for your favorite college football team and I will make a fashion game day spread just for you!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Fitness Friday

As most of you should know by now, I am dying to get into a career of fitness/health. My plans are to become a personal trainer and sports nutritionist for women.

I've taken the first step, by joining my local gym. I have decided to start training to become a NPC Bikini competitior. I have a very long way to go, but I plan to document every step of the way for you, kind of how I did for my half marathon training.

I have already submitted my resume and applied at this gym to get my feet wet with working with people as goal oriented in fitness as I am. I may even look into becoming certified for group classes (spin, pilates, zumba, etc). I really want to take this on head first. I have slacked for several months now during my life transition, but I'm back in heavy mode. I will start utilizing this blog of mine to help me along the journey.

**Disclaimer: All photos were taken by ME with an Iphone5c from my Instagram. Please do not crop, copy, or use as your own.**

I started a challenge on Nike+ Running for #100byHalloween. It's coming along beautifully!

Will continue with my yoga practice and bring weekly quotes, pictures, and motivation to you.

Like I said, I have a long way to go, but I will charge with all my might and post weekly updates, tips, and motivation.

What are you doing to live a healthy lifestyle?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Life

And so it begins, the story of my new life. It's going to be tough to write, for it will bring back emotions and thoughts I have already banished from my mind.

My last real post I wrote back in February was basically when it all began. In that post I explained how I lost my job at the bar I worked due to it being shut down, and how I got a new job at a very popular restaurant/bar right across the beach in Waikiki. I never imagined myself making as good of friends as I did while I was there. And it definitely changed my life.

I quickly became good friends with a couple of the girls I worked with and it helped me to clear my mind about a lot of things going on in my life. Mike and I's relationship seemed fine on the outside, but on the inside, I was struggling. I felt we had come to a dead end, and sure, I may be judged for giving up and not trying anymore, but I felt that we were never on the same page in regards to future plans. I couldn't do it anymore. I just couldn't force myself to be in that kind of atmosphere anymore. I love Mike to death, and still do, he's a really great guy, but I came to the realization that God put him in my life to teach me a lesson, not to be my lifetime partner. From my Love Story posts, I explained how he was my savior. He helped me grow so much as an individual and helped me learn many things about myself and the world that I don't think I could've learned without him. (and here come the tears) With that being said, the moment I knew it was time to leave was when I visited my good friend (and now roommate) Lorena in her hometown of Lodi, CA. I was there for a week and it was a blast. While I was gone, Mike had taken a surf trip to Costa Rica. We barely talked the whole time and I realized I was ok without him. I may sound heartless, but like I said, I can't help the way I feel.

During my trip to visit Lorena, she took me all over the Bay Area. I have never been to this part of California, and was super excited to experience it all. It's such a beautiful area and it really opened my eyes to what else is out there for me. It was time to leave Hawaii and try something new. I had been struggling with wanting to leave for quite a long time, but always stayed to be with Mike. Now that I realized where my life was heading, I took the step I needed to take, and changed my life, for me. I got back from my trip to California, and broke the news to Mike, I was leaving. My mind was made up and I wasn't turning back. I'd never know how strong I am if I didn't follow through with this plan. He was blindsided.

Of course it was hard for me. Four years of being with someone you love is really hard to leave. But I had to do it, and in the end, I think it will be what's best for both of us. I miss him and our adventures together dearly, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be on my own completely to prove to myself I am independent in every aspect. My heart was yearning for this, it's really hard to explain.

Lorena and I made plans to move to Santa Cruz together. She was starting school in the fall and I had nothing holding me back in Hawaii so I decided to join her on a new journey. Things haven't exactly gone as planned, but I'll get to that later.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures from my trip in May when she took me around the Bay Area.

**Disclaimer: All photos are taken my ME with an Iphone4 or Nikon CoolPix L120. Please do not copy, crop, or use as your own.**

I arrived on a Monday night. Tuesday, we decided to go kayaking the river by her house..


That night, Lorena, her sister Alyse, and I went to see a movie. It was a great start to my busy vacation.

Wednesday, the girls took me to San Francisco. My first time ever going to the city and I loved it! We met up with a couple other girls we worked with at Tiki's who were in the area and had a great girls day shopping and walking around the beautiful city. The took me to Union Square, Haight and Ashbury, and Pier 39.

L-R: Kelly, Stephanie, Alyse, and Lorena

Cutestttt houses! Lorena, Alyse, and Kelly

L-R: Kelly, Me, and Lorena

Sunset at Pier 39 before an amazing dinner. L-R: Lorena, Alyse, Me, and Kelly

Stopped in for a milkshake!

Drove down the Golden Gate Bridge at night.

Thursday, we ventured out to Napa Valley. Alyse is dating the son of Sutter Home Wines, so we had a blast!

My first wine tasting ever!

Alyse was a doll and drove us around the whole time so we could taste as many wines as we wanted!

Beautiful vineyards everywhere!

Got the hook up at Napa Cellars thanks to Alyse and her winery boy :) 

This winery had been brought to Napa Valley all the way from Italy. I felt like I had died and gone to Game of Thrones heaven!

We stopped in St. Helena for dinner and brought one of the wines we bought from Napa Cellars. We had a great time and I absolutely loved the experience!

Friday we drove all the way to South Lake Tahoe with Stephanie (one of the girls from SF pics) and her boyfriend Paul. Apparently it was ladies night at one of the casinos there so we were looking for a good time. Plus, I was really looking forward to seeing beautiful Lake Tahoe.

 As soon as we made it into Tahoe. L-R: Me, Stephanie, and Lorena

Our first stop, of course was to get mimosas while over-looking the beautiful lake.

It was absolutely beautiful and there was still snow on the mountains.

We did a little hike to get a better view. L-R: Me, Lorena, Stephanie, and Steph's sister.

Saturday we headed back to Lodi from Lake Tahoe in time to catch the ZinFest that was going on. For a small ticket fee, we got to taste over 100 different booths of wine and even got a free wine glass. We only had about an hour left of the festival by the time we got there, so we downed some wine like there was no tomorrow. After it was over, Alyse wanted us to come with her to Chico, CA to visit her boyfriend and hop around the bars.

That night was a doozy. While Lorena and I were coming back from drunkenly getting some amazing burritos, we came across Alyse's car window had been bashed and all of my stuff that was in the front seat was stolen. $500 worth of makeup and makeup brushes, a pair of shorts, and a Michael Kors sunglasses case had been jacked. I was really bumming about my makeup (LOL) so Lorena and I decided to get a case of beer and a fifth of Fireball to ease the pain :P

 This about sums up that night. The only picture I managed to get, oh and I had to wear the same outfit for like 3 days because of that robbery :(

Sunday we decided to take a drive down to Santa Cruz to check out the place and let me see how it was. We stopped at a bar in Capitola and had a couple bottles of wine and some dinner before making our way back to Lodi. It was such an amazing trip, and definitely life changing. I had such a blast!

I think I got a lot out that I needed to. It has felt good to write all this down and get it out of my system. A lot has happened and still happening. I have so much more to talk about from my last two and a half months living in Hawaii. It was so fun living out there in a different light, carefree, just doing me. My parents even came out to visit before I left. It was amazing.

One thing I want to know, should I start Saturday Style again?

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Where do I even begin?!

I finally have gained access to a computer where I can log in and BLOG! A huge thanks to my roommate. Boy, has a lot changed since I last showed up here. I have so much to write about but I don't even know how to start.

I'm sure a lot of you already know or assume what is going on just based on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I think I will start by saying I'm not longer a Haole girl in Hawaii, but a California girl on the Central Coast/NorCal area. Who knows how long this will last, but for the time being it's been an experience so far. I will go further into detail in another post, I'm just excited to be able to actually log in again.

 I obviously need a new brand name (if I'm not eventually going back to Hawaii. which is DEFINITELY a possibility by Summer), a new design... and I'm finally working towards my career in personal training. I plan to utilize this blog for more fitness/healthy lifestyle posts, but will probably still do some random lifestyle things as well. What do y'all think?

I've missed the blogging world terribly and I'm so glad to be back, I need you ladies (and few gents)!

If you have any suggestions on what I can do to revamp my style, please drop a comment below! I'm off to write, write, write and schedule!

Until next time...

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Too Long

How long has it been? Too long.

Life has been a whirlwind for the past several months. I got back from vacation and our road trip to my life taking a complete 180. So many things have changed and happened since I last blogged with our Monday Mingling (so sorry Logan for my lack of attendance).

Let's see..

I still need to share my experience road tripping across the western part of the US, starting a new job, being a part of my good friend's wedding, and a ghost writer opportunity I scored. Whew! Bear in mind, my computer is still broken and am only having this window of space to blog thanks to Mike and his nice, shiny Mac.

I have folders of photos of recipes and events I need to share with everyone! I can't wait to get some time to sit down and get some things finished up. I just received my brand new Erin Condren planner for this year, so it's time to get organized.

Back in September, Mike and I flew home to Arkansas to visit friends and family. While we were on the mainland, we decided to take a road trip across the country. We started in Arkansas, went through Missouri and Kansas, all the way to see our friends in Denver. I was super excited to see the city, and the state of Colorado.

Of course, if you are following me on Instagram, you've already seen these.
At the top of a museum looking at the Rockies and the skyline of Denver.

Tasting the variety of beers at Great Divide Brewery.

Mike took this next picture. I may have a twin...

Under a bypass with several faces like this one painted. 

After spending a couple days in Denver, which I did not fall in love with, we headed through the rest of Colorado, across Utah, hit a tiny corner of Arizona, and ended up in Vegas.

Getting into Utah.

On the way to the Arches in Utah.

Scored a room at the Hard Rock Hotel for our one night in Vegas. I got the chance to see my oldest brother and nephew, a friend of mine from Arkansas that I have not seen in years, learned the game of Roulette, and had a blast!

Our whole vacation was a ton of fun. We went in the fall instead of summer. I had the chance to see my younger sister perform during half time at her high school football game, attend my high school pageant, Miss BHS, and see friends and family of course. 

My baby sister is all grown up!

When we got back from our vacation, I was expecting to get back to my normal routine. The bomb dropped on us at work that Cha Cha Cha was closing. It was like family at this place, I was deeply saddened about the news. Our last day open was the Saturday before Halloween, and we decided to go out with a bang, in good Mexican tradition..

Out of the 7 girls working our last night, I painted 5 faces including mine. We had so much fun! 

The only close up I managed to get of my face that night. 

April and I holding it down behind the bar.

It was such a fun last night. We had so many people come out to celebrate 18 years of business. I am still so sad to see it go, but I'm thankful for the friendships and contacts I made while working there.

Halloween was next and finally the boys and I coordinated. We were just a couple of regular high schoolers..

Look familiar?

I finally scored a job at a place called Tiki's Bar and Grill. It is in a prime location right in Waikiki. Probably one of the best spots to watch the sunset while listening to live music and sipping on a yummy Mai Tai. It took about a month and three interviews to finally land the position, but I've been there a couple months now and am back in action cash flow wise.

It is also the place we spent New Years Eve watching the fireworks and toasting to 2014 with champagne.

It was a fun Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I got to spend them with friends and the moments were definitely ones I will always remember. At the beginning of January we finally moved into a house. I'm talking a real, with a yard, a living room, a washer and dryer, HOUSE! To say I'm stoked would be an understatement. I don't have any pictures yet because it's a fixer uper and in the middle of a makeover.

At the end of January, I had the honor of being a part of a good friend's wedding. My friend Sarah is one of the few people I have kept in contact with from high school and I was absolutely thrilled she asked me to be a part of her special day. It was the most gorgeous wedding I had ever seen and had a blast the whole weekend.

**Disclaimer: All photos were taken by Blake Studdard of Atria Creative Photography. View the entire wedding album here.**

After getting our hair and makeup done, before getting into our gowns. The beautiful bride and me. 

One of the bridesmaids, and youngest sister to the bride and me during the reception.

Bride and Groom leaving the reception through a sparkler runway. 

It was such a beautiful ceremony and I had the most fun I've had in a while. I didn't want the weekend to end! All of the girls in the wedding party were super sweet and we had such a good time.

While visiting home, I was so excited to experience my first winter in over 3 years. I loved being layered up in scarves, boots, and coats. It even snowed on Super Bowl Sunday!

I had so much fun visiting home this last month, I honestly didn't want to come back to Hawaii! I am glad to be back in my island home though and finally settling into a nice routine again.

Well, those are the events from the past several months in a nutshell. I'm so glad I finally got to share a little glimpse of them. Stay tuned however, I will be writing a couple fun posts about things happening with Tiki's.

Until next time..

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